30 Jan 2008

CA Senior Real Estate | Moving? Sharing the Decision

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SHARING THE DECISION TO MOVE It’s often said moving can be one of the most stressful times in life, it ranks right up up there with death, divorce and job loss.  At times being a senior (55+) one may also be faced with additional challenges.  Here are some things to consider:

Going solo…or family ties, sharing the decision with others.     All time for some seniors moving is an absolute necessity,  while for others it could be discretionary. Maybe it’s time for you to downsize, or move to that golf community, your time  to enjoy more time in your life!  Just in case you missed it check out Moving ~ How Do You Know When the Time is Right for You? (part one of the CA Senior Real Estate series).  

So now as a senior, if your home has been the family homestead, be prepared of what may be ahead. This could be even more emotional for everyone,  not just you as a senior, it can impact the entire family.   Most adult/grown children are happy when Mom and/or Dad downsize, yet others may not be in support of your move, so it may be wise to consider other opinions.  You may want to the help of of a trusted adviser, a very close friend, clergy or professional peers. 

If you’re considering a move, make an effort to understand both sides of the issue while exploring your options.  Remember, your decision may not be a popular choice by all.  Unless you have a compelling need to make the move, it’s o.k. to delay your decision…take your time until it’s the right time for YOU.  

So, if you’re a senior, or you know of a senior who needs help with real estate contact me, I’m a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES), check out California Senior Real Estate for more info.

Senior Real Estate Specialist

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  1. Linda – moving is a stressfull thing – but with an agent like you on our side it is a lot easier. Thanks for sharing


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