Tenant’s Rights In Foreclosed Homes 2-Minute Real Estate Video

When it comes to living in SoCal for amost anywhere or that matter protecting the rights of tenants in foreclosed properties is an issue that’s become prevelant in today’s real estate. This could impact renters in homes that are currently in the process of foreclosure or  homes which have already been taken back (foreclosed on).. read more →

Forclosed Home Owner Vandalism ~ Risky Business

Foreclosure vandalism and destruction by upset homeowners continues to happen and is a crime!  We’ve heard how some homeowners on the verge of losing their homes to foreclosure have sold and/or ripped out everything, including the kitchen sink and it’s continuing. I just saw a video myself on YouTube on the subject. With absolutely no.. read more →

Short Sale Seminar in Orange County FREE Event

In today’s real estate market, anyone and everyone knows someone in a short sale situation. Whether it’s a loan modification or a short sale itself, it’s said that 1 out of 7 homeowners who either purchased or re-financed a home since 2005 is in trouble. And we all know it’s not easy to navigate the waters.. read more →

Be Safe & Be Prepared ~ Sept. Is Preparedness Month

Being prepared can save your life and the lives of others! Seems like we all know by now, waiting for govertment response/help is not the answer. Each and every one of us needs to be prepared to take care ourselves! Septemper if a month designated as National Prepardness Month.  As I was reading through the.. read more →

Surviving Your Short Sale ~ Reality vs. Myth

Anyone in a short sale situation knows, it’s anything but short, and it’s anything but predictable.  In addition being in a short sale situation can be a stressful experience to say the least. No two are the same, however there are some common traits, at Preferred Home Brokers we do our best to help you get through.. read more →

First Time Home Buyer Video ~ Tax Credit Update

Take a few minutes to check out this home buyer tax credit video. If you qualify, it could save you thousands $$$. The U.S. home buyer tax credit has been extended and revised to hopefully reach a wider range of potential home buyers. It’s almost Thanksgiving 2009 and if you’d like to talk turkey about.. read more →

2-Minute Probate Video-Where do I start?

Check out this 2-minute real estate video on probate home selling solutions from Lynda Eisenmann, a senior home selling expert. For more info visit California Senior Real Estate to learn more about the Senior Real Estate Specialists and how they can help you! read more →

Southern CA Home Prices ~ Price Per Sq. Ft.

So Cal Home Pricing a Foot at a Time ~ Home prices obviously vary widely among cities in Southern CA, even within a city and zip codes.  Many factors enter into the equation in determining value, like condition, improvements, location. etc. etc.   The list below is intended to be an overview of closed sales.. read more →

Foreclosure Vandalism ~ Risky Business

Stripping your foreclosed home…don’t even think about it. Some of us have heard how some homeowners on the verge of losing their homes to foreclosure have sold and/or ripped out everything, including the kitchen sink. For some it may be an attempt to make a few bucks and/or retaliation against their lender. Last year one of.. read more →

OC Alert ~ Emergency Warning Registration

As most of us know (witnessed by the recent fires in So Cal)  a disaster can happen with or without any notice and situations can change in a blink of an eye.  Orange County has set up a system AlertOC.com  by which participating cities can notifty their residents in the event of an emergency. Folks living.. read more →