Adios WaMu ~ I Want My Old Banks Back!

So-Cal’s Great Western Saving, Homes Saving and Loan, and American Savings, where are you when we need you? If you’ve lived in So Cal for a while and you’ve been around pre-Washington Mutual days (and I know there are a lot of you) can remember a variety of other banks. The days before these were gobbled up.. read more →

Proposition 58 Tax Savings in California ~ Save on Property Taxes

California Property Tax Savings  ~ Parent to Child Transfer of Real Property. If you’re a parent transferring your CA home to a child it could be good news when it comes to property taxes Qualified transfers, (as defined in CA) may be exempt from reassessment and increased property taxes. Yes, if  you’re a home seller or owner  who is.. read more →

The Great Southern California Shake-Out! ~ It’s Coming November 13, 2008

Earthquake preparedness is something we’ve all talked about, yet I wonder how many of us are ready for the big one? Not long ago I wrote about our last shaker (the epicenter was right next door in Chino Hills) in So Cal and what that experience felt like.  And for some reason I thought I was.. read more →

Home Staging for Sales Success in So Cal ~ HGTV’S 25 Biggest Mistakes in Home Staging

In today’s challenging market, it’s essential to employ every single tool when it comes to marketing your home and home staging is no exception. As a Realtor,  not long ago I made the decision to buy some furniture to help stage a home, a listing I had on the market for a family member. Actually.. read more →

The most wonderful time of the year…back to school time!

Back to school time in SoCal is normally the day after Labor Day and this year it’s no exception. It’s also a time for us to remember the safety of all concerned. Safety for pedestrian traffic and bus safety alike. Each year I include school bus safety tips in my newsletter, I use a wonderful.. read more →

FICO Boosters ~ Credit Secrets ~ Improve Your FICO Score

Like it or not you credit score can have an impact on your quality of life. Your overall credit score can open or close doors on opportunity. For example, just look at the interest differential on a 30 year mortgage, your score could limit or expand your purchasing power. I recently attend a credit scoring.. read more →

Safety Essesentials for Survival ~ Safety Must Haves at Home

While on line recently, I came across this important information regarding the  Top Ten Safety Must Haves at all times in your home.  This was originally shared by Kris Krajecki of American Mortgage Werks based in Huntley, Illinois. After reading his post I contracted Kris and he agreed it was  worthwhile info (previously passed along to him) and he was only.. read more →