Rose Parade Magic in Beautiful Pasadena And So Cal Real Estate

Those of us who’ve lived here all our lives at times take our “winter weather” for granted, yep when it gets down below the 60’s during the day we think we’re freezing, yet that’s almost balmy in Chicago for Jan.I can only imagine what it must be like to shovel your way out of the house vs. saying “please pass me the sunscreen Wilma…” read more →

Fun in the Sun in So Cal ~ Joshua Tree

We have so many great things to do and see living in So Cal, here’s a local favorite about 2 hours south of Orange Co. Not lot ago we headed out for a drive in So Cal, heading east on the 10 past Palm Springs on our way to the George S. Patton Museum, in.. read more →

Healthy Living in So Cal

Living in So Cal is about sharing interesting facts and places in and around the southland.  During my travels I found some interesting health news about where we/you live in Southen Cal. If you live in the OC it’s ranked #7 of 56 rated counties for healthy living. Other local rankings include: Los Angeles Co. #26.. read more →

So Cal Hiking in Palm Springs

Living in So Cal has so much to offer. Yes we put up with traffic, yes we experience crowds and long lines, yet we have some of the most wonderful places to visit and explore. One of my favorites is the desert area of Southern California in and around Palm Springs. Here’s a recent visit.. read more →

Simple Pleasures of Living in So Cal in January 2009

Today was a great day to be living in So Cal. Here are a just a few: Seven-year old Katie is home from CHOC-Children’s Hospital of Orange County, yeah! The sun was bright, temperatures were 74 degrees and breezy, absolutely beautiful. Traffic was minimal, sailed right through on the freeway, it was great. The Verizon.. read more →

Shark Attack in So Cal Waters ~

You may have heard about the local shark attack in So Cal, San Diego county to be exact.  Afterwards  (according to the news)  that beach area was  closed to swimmers and a surfing event was canceled. Then today it was a sunny Sunday at our Orange County beaches, absolutely beautiful. The waters were filled with.. read more →