08 Aug 2007

Going Green in Brea ~ Or You Call,…They Haul!


Brea E-waste Brea ~ CA is going green all around the town and it couldn’t be easier!

The City of Brea announces a new e-waste program now in operation for Brea residents.

In the past the only way to properly dispose of old computers, monitors, T.V.’s, etc. was to pay a visit to the Hazardous Waste Disposal facility at 1071 Blue Gum St. in Anaheim. I should know, I’ve made plenty of trips to this facility myself. However now Brea residents can save yourself a trip and bucks normally spent for gas $$$ (that’s another good thing, isn’t it?) by calling to schedule an appointment for a Tuesday pick up. To do so call Brea Disposal to arrange for a pick up of your electronic items like a VCR, television, copiers, fax machine, computer monitor for example. Items will be picked up curbside, now how’s that for service? Not bad, right? More information will follow in upcoming water bills, so watch your snail mail. or you can check out the city website for more info now. In the event you’re not able to wait for Tuesday’s curbside pick up you can still drive to the Blue Gum facility, again it’s located at 1071 Blue Gum St. Anaheim, the area north of the 91 freeway and just east of the 57 freeway. Call first for operating hours at (714) 238-3301. Drop-off is easy, you just drive up, stay in your vehicle and they come to you. You will be asked to complete a short form with your name and address as a resident of Orange County. Remember we’re experiencing a year in which we’ve had the lowest recorded rainfall in decades. Here’s some good tips from the County of Orange. Actually these are great tips for all of us regardless of your location.

We ALL need to protect our water quality. If you’re a gardener, here are a few ways you can make a difference. gardening-man.jpg

Carefully follow the directions printed on containers of fertilizer, insecticides and herbicides. Don’t over-use these products, you could damage your plants and the environment.

Avoid rinsing these products into the street or gutter.

Do not use fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides before a predicted rainstorm. The rain can wash the products into the storm drain.

Adjust sprinklers to avoid over-watering.

Remember, if it is not raining, there should be no water in the gutters or storm drains!

For more information about what you can do to prevent water pollution, visit www.ocwatersheds.com. Also, visit www.gwrsystem.com for more information on the OC Water District & OC Sanitation plans to diversify the water supply and groundwater replenishment providing a new source of locally controlled, high-quality water for Northern and Central OC.

If you’re looking for real estate help in Brea or surrounding communities, contact me: wwwLynda@PreferredHomeBrokers.com

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17 Responses to Going Green in Brea ~ Or You Call,…They Haul!
  1. Lynda -that is great news for Brea – and when it’s easy home owners tend to embrace changes like this so much quicker. 😉 i

  2. Ms. Cyndee,

    Ms. Clearwater Real Estate Pro! You’re right, our little community of Brea is moving forward like others to make things better for the planet. It’s just one of those very small steps, yet hopefully it will have a positive impact.

  3. Lynda, This is such a fantastic program for Brea, Orange County. I am glad your city is making recycling easier for California. 😛

  4. Hi Mana,
    Good hearing from you. You’re right, this is so much easier than all the trips I’ve been making to the “special” dump. That sort of sounds like an oxy-moron, doesn’t it? LOL.

  5. Lynda I love the e-waste program that Brea has! What a great idea. We must all learn to dispose of electronic waste in a more responsible manor.

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  7. […] Going Green in Brea ~ Or You Call,…They Haul! by Lynda Eisenmann […]

  8. Stephanie Edwards-Musa August 12, 2007 at 10:40 am Reply

    Lynda, the Recycling program in Brea CA sounds phenomenal! The fact that you can call and have things picked up is amazing. It sounds like you are all on your way to being a little more EcoFriendly.

  9. California is really in the forefront of recycling! If all of Califonrnia has Brea”s curbside pickup of electronics and Ventura County’s composting program, there won’t be much to put in the landfill!

  10. […] Going Green in Brea ~ Or You Call,…They Haul! by Lynda Eisenmann […]

  11. Awesome article about Brea and it’s green mindset Lynda!!!

  12. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: This is WONDERFUL NEWS!!! Brea seems to have the best interest of the community with their new GREEN TACTICS!! I love all the tips! We could use those “ideas” spread around other towns too. Great start to saving the resources Brea!!

  13. Stephanie ~ I somehow missed this comment. You write so many great eco posts yourself, you always do a great job!

  14. Susie Roscoe ~

    Yes, Brea is doing a great job on this as far as I’m concerned. I’ll find out a little more next week, I’ve got to call for a “special” pick up myself. It’s not computer items but it’s old spray paint cans and things like that. I’m not sure if that’s part of Brea’s new e-waste program, but I’ll find out.

    BTW, the added cost for the curbside pick up is 40 cents a month per customer. It’s a lot better than driving about seven miles to the drop off place.

  15. […] Going Green in Brea ~ Or You Call,…They Haul! by Lynda Eisenmann […]


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