16 Sep 2007

Light The Night Walk in So Cal ~ Anaheim, CA


200709katiecrewcollage21-small.JPGLiving in SoCal we have the opportunity to participate is so many worthwhile events, taking the time to support others in our community. Last night at Angel Stadium was no exception, we had just the chance to do so supporting the Leukemia-Lymphoma Society. This was the 2007 event for the Orange County/Inland Empire Chapter event once again at the Big A in Anaheim, CA.

Our event began with a tail-gate party as others arrived. Our team Katie’s Crew was on hand to lend our support to Katie G. and others suffering from Leukemia and other blood cancers. The event was more than just a walk, its just part of the nationwide fund raising campaign held annually to celebrate and commemorate people whose lives have been touch by cancer.

Many of those who attended this event were part of an organized team, some (unlike ours) were more organized that others, while some were individuals, on their own. For us, this was a first-time event, yet we’re already planning for next year. This event is a community celebration with food, activities for the family, music and in general a community coming together, united in supporting those with cancer.

After our tail-gate party, the ceremonies began with hearing from a few of the cancer survivors themselves, a heartwarming experience for all of us. Each walker was handed a red helium balloon illuminated by a small red light inside the filled balloon. Walkers with cancer had a white balloon. Those walking in memory of a loved one had a gold balloon Our group had one white balloon for Katie.

k-girls-small.JPGSorry to say Katie herself was not able to make it last night. She’s almost six years old and receiving chemotherapy as an outpatient through CHOC in Orange, CA. Katie is home-bound for a while right now, but only until her test results reflect more positive results to be around others. Fortunately for all, Katie’s prognosis is good and we expect full cure after a few years of treatment.

So since Katie could make the event herself, we decided (afterwards) to bring the event to her. Here are a few photos of the group on Katie’s cul-de-sac, red balloons and all. I can’t begin to tell you how excited she was to see everyone! The photo on the upper left was taken on Katie’s street as she came outside to join our “little walk”. Katie is with friends, she’s on the far right with the white balloon.k-gerbs-rvsd1.jpg Photo on the right is Katie’s family, Tina Katie, Kyle and Ken.

  • To see more on Katie’s progress check out her very own website, www.howskatie.com

Light The Night walks are held in the fall each year and are nationwide. They are open to anyone and believe me, no particular level of fitness is required.

Thanks so much to all participated as “Katie’s crew”, thank you for your fund raising and your participation. Contributions were made from individuals themselves, friends/co-workers and a huge family yard sale. Funds raised at the garage sale exceeded $800 for the one-day event! And more good news, we all have cleaner garages for it!

  • Recognizing some of those who participated as walkers: Shawna McCormick~Placentia, Sue Catron~Brea and Jane Waller~Santa Ana were the biggest fund raisers of the group.

  • Others included Katie’s mom Tina~Yorba Linda, Gretchen’s family~Yorba Linda, Deb and Grant Younglove~ Costa Mesa~Carol Appelt~Anaheim Hills, Cindy Larson~ Corona along with a few others.

Thank you to each and everyone who participated, whether at the event itself as a walker, donated funds, contributed to the garage sale, worked at the garage sale, and/or the lemonade stand. Everyone together made a difference!

  • Marsha McCormick, thank you for the photo collage!

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6 Responses to Light The Night Walk in So Cal ~ Anaheim, CA
  1. Thank you to Shawna McCormick~Placentia, Sue Catron~Brea and Jane Waller~Santa Ana were the biggest fund raisers of the group. Others included Katie’s mom Tina~Yorba Linda, Gretchen’s family~Yorba Linda, Deb and Grant Younglove~ Costa Mesa~Costa Mesas, Carol Appelt~Anaheim Hills, Cindy Larson~ Corona and others for EVERYTHING.

    Katie was suprised and happy to see everyone.

  2. Lynda,

    You are best! This is great to raise awareness about such a great cause. All your efforts are appreciated and we’re looking forward to helping more in the future.

    Thanks again for including us.

    Grant & Deb Younglove

  3. Katie is so sweet looking in these pictures. I bet she had a wonderful time and so glad to hear of the great turnout. You can bet she will be in my prayers, as will you and her mommy!

  4. Gerberdings ~ Thanks for the visit.

    Grant & Deb ~ Thanks for the nice comment and thank you for your participation.

    Paula ~ Good hearing from you and thank you for your prayers!

  5. How great – I cried – thank you for sharing this with the world – and thank you for caring.

  6. Hi Thesa ~ Oh, it’s so good hearing from you, thank you for the nice comment.


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