10 Sep 2008

La Habra, CA ~ Living in La Habra

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The Orange County City of La Habra is located on the Northern boundaries of Orange and L.A.  Kids at the La Habra Children's Museumcounties. It’s a community of primarily single family homes built from the 1960’s forward.  Around 65,000 people live in the city. 

La Habra is known for many things, one of our favorites is the famous Children’s Museum  (pictured below) on Euclid in the heart of the city. You can see budding actors having fun “on stage” in just one of the exhibits.

The mission style building was completed in 1920’s as the Union Pacific depot, It was later donated to the City of La Habra in1956. Today is it a focal point for youth in the city, with interactive displays. Children care involved  by touching and experiencing exibits to their hearts content.

The former Pacific Electric depot is now located  next door and today it has been converted to the Depot Playhouse featuring local productions. The city is also well known for it’s local Boys and Girls’ Club.

La Habra also became known for agriculture at the turn of the century.  The richness of the La Habra Valley continued for many years. Mid-century La Habra was known as wide open spaces just right for future development. 

Today La Habra  is an experiencing positive productive commercial growth with the development of the area at Beach and Imperial Highway, the Westridge Golf Course and the newer Costco at Beach and La Habra Blvd.  The overall development has contributed to the economic tax base of the city.

 Situated in North West area of Orange County, La Habra like many communities is a wonderful patchwork of great neighborhoods.  Not to be confused with La Habra Heights in L.A. County, La Habra is a bedroom community of primarily single-family homes on average size lots, in great neighborhoods.

 La Habra remains a wonderful community, and a great place to live!

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