20 Apr 2008

Living in SoCal all my life, I’ve heard it said “if you don’t like the weather, just wait a until tomorrow, it will change”. As a fan of the Tonight Show for many years with Johnny Carson he joked that in CA we do have four seasons, flood, fire, earthquake and landslide. Well one day not long ago was one of those days in SoCal, seems to me like we had more than our fair share.

Johnny was right but this time it we had it all in the same day! The morning started with an earthquake. It was a 4.7 on the Richter Scale in a neighboring county, in the City of Lake Elsinore.  I was in the kitchen when it hit, and I thought it could be a sonic boom from Edwards AFB. It didn’t seem think things were shaking quite enough to be an earthquake. The last time I felt something like this was a morning the space shuttle landed after being re-directed to So Cal because of weather in FL. Most of us felt the experience, personally I loved it.

Next I heard about the forest fire in the community of Big Bear, our local mountains. Some of the roads up the mountain were closed. Big Bear has a beautiful lake for water skiing and fishing in the summer, in addition to trails for hiking. During the winter we have local snow skiing on the mountain. I’ve done all of these activities myself since I was a kid. We love it there.

Then a little while later I was on-line (with the TV in the background) our programming was interrupted with a flash-flood warning for the Northern areas of Los Angeles County. Yep, and we thought that was enough for one day, right?

After that, by mid-day we experienced excessive heat warnings, truthfully it was no big surprise. It was 108 degrees  that day,  while on my way to Costo in La Habra, it felt like the desert. Not long afterwards, I called a relative who is a senior to see how she was doing. Like always, Louise has the best attitude I could ever hope for. She was staying inside near the window a/c. God bless her!

So there you have it, and yes we do have four seasons, in one 24 hour period it was fire, flood, heat and earthquake in good ole’ SoCal.   What a place!

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