07 Jan 2009

OC Alert ~ Emergency Warning Registration

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Orange County Alert

As most of us know (witnessed by the recent fires in So Cal)  a disaster can happen with or without any notice and situations can change in a blink of an eye.  Orange County has set up a system AlertOC.com  by which participating cities can notifty their residents in the event of an emergency.

Folks living in these participating cities are advised to register their personal contact information into into the data base to be notified when emergency situations arise and/or changes quickly.  The current system is pre-set with land line telephone numbers, yet many of us like myself are in and out of the home all day long. For me personally, I’d prefer hearing about an emergency via my cell phone.  By registering yourself you can also provide additional contact points including email addresses widening the layer of notification for one physical address. In addition as a business owner you can also register your place of business. 

 Although we know it’s not always possible to have advance warning in the event of a disaster, the warning system can also provide detailed information like notices of shelters locations, assistance centers and/or public safety/health advisories.

So take the time to register today, it’s FREE!  Visit OC Alert now!

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