30 Jun 2007

Operation Gratitude ~ Supporting Our Troops



Today was a day of gratitude for me.  I spent the day in Van Nuys, CA helping assemble and pack care packages sent to our men and women serving in our military deployed overseas. My friend, Marlene Bridges and I drove a couple of hours from Orange Co. to the west side of Los Angeles to meet with other volunteers for the day.

“Operation Gratitude” is an ongoing program established by one woman, Carolyn Blashek. It began with a small group working in her garage. Today Operation Gratitude has gown to a wonderful effort by Carolyn’s army of volunteers meeting at an Armory in So-Cal. This was the final wrap-up until Christmas. Today our group packed 7,000 boxes, now on their way to our troops overseas.

Marlene and I were just two of somewhere around 250+ others, young and old on the assembly line packing, taping, addressing, whatever it took to complete the process. The items sent are donated by individuals and corporations.  It was quite a site and quite an experience. We worked along side of young teens, moms, dads and seniors all willing to stand in the hot building for the entire day. I can tell you personally, it’s nothing compared to the unimaginable heat our service men and women are experiencing in Iraq and Afganistan.

Marlene and I had a wonderful experience, meeting to many nice folks and do a very small part in remembering those who serve. As we approach July 4th and celebrate our nation’s birthday I hope you remember the men and women in the service to our great country and the families they’ve left behind.

God Bless Our Troops & God Bless America!

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2 Responses to Operation Gratitude ~ Supporting Our Troops
  1. My thanks to both of you for your efforts and support! We could not have accomplished all we did without you!

  2. Carolyn,

    You are one amazing lady. Thank you for your lovely comment and visiting my community forum. We had an amazing day and plan to help in the future.

    My best to you for all that you do for so many!


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