12 Jan 2009

Postive Living ~ A Message of Hope

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Crystal CathedralGood News for Troubled Times was the Sunday morning message redently from Dr. Robert Schuller at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, Ca. The consummate positive thinker himself personally shared his message on the topics of troubled times with job loss, bankruptcy, foreclosure, etc.

We were reminded that trouble can come in any dimension of life…and at any time, even in the times of prosperity. It can come with an illness, death divorce, almost anything.  Yet at economic times of trial like these, we forget we all have so much value and much to contribute. We all have something to give.

Here is my collection of notes and thoughts to share with my friends:

  • Life can be a series of obstacles, challenging us time-to-time if not day-to-day.
  • Look at all the good news,not just the bad. At times we focus on the negative, because that’s what sells while positive news is relegated to the back page.
  • Most who suffer depreciate themselves, and self esteem and self worth suffers.
  • Look at what you have left, and not lost in troubled times.
  • Begin by affirming your self worth, think of all that you’ve done.
  • Look at all the gifts you’ve been given, your eyes, your ears, your health, your family.
  • Remember the people you’ve helped…your gifts do not have a life span…the people you’ve personally touched have also helped others along the way.
  • Continue to be a giver, there is always someone who needs it more.
  • Feed your brain with positive “stuff” be in a state of enthusiasm.

Irrespective of ones profession, seems like this could apply to everyone, doesn’t it?  Christmas time at church is always special in so many ways and yesterday was no exception. Beautifully decorated for Christmas it’s wonderful to experience.

If you  plan to visit So Cal in the near future I’d love to hear from you. I’ve served as a volunteer greeter as a “east door” of  the Crystal Cathedral for the past ten years and I can personally say it’s the best job I’ve ever had!

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