09 Sep 2010

Be Safe & Be Prepared ~ Sept. Is Preparedness Month

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Being prepared can save your life and the lives of others!

Seems like we all know by now, waiting for govertment response/help is not the answer. Each and every one of us needs to be prepared to take care ourselves!

Septemper if a month designated as National Prepardness Month.  As I was reading through the info myself  I was struck by…

Tip #1:  Prepare your Car before your Home. Why? 90% of Americans own a car and travel in it regularly… far more than any other nation. Your vehicle is almost always with you… whether at home or away.

Keep your Emergency Preparedness Supplies in your vehicle and odds are you will have them handy when you need them.

Interesting yet simple, isn’t it? Makes sense to me. I’ve had my earthquake kit in my car for years just because it seemed to me like it would be easier to find in the event of an emergency.

Here’s another resourced for you:

Citizen Corps  is a grassroots strategy from FEMA bringing together government and community leaders involving  citizens in emergency preparedness and survival.

So what are we waiting for, if now now when? Go for it and make a differene in your life and the lives of those you love!

Good luck!

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