03 Jun 2007

Selling a Home ~ When is Best Time to Sell?

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Over the years I’m often asked by home owners, “When is the best time to sell my home?” I was just asked that same question yesterday while on a listing appointment.

house-pretty.JPG The truth is, there are times of the year which are normally better than others. It can also vary depending on your locale. Are you in a year round market vs. a seasonal one? Is weather a factor in your market? And what about schools in your area, year round or traditional scheduling ?

In addition, timing a home sale can also depend on market conditions like supply vs. demand of similar homes. How many other homes are for sale in your market place? I’ve actually seen markets change almost over night. I can tell you specifically in the 3rd quarter of 1989 for example. Most recently last June of 2006, I observed a market shift. It can be a result of economic factors, i.e. interest rate, job loss/unemployment rate, that sort of thing. It can also be confidence (or lack of it) in the real estate market itself.

In the past I’ve had home sales on almost every day of the year on the calendar, except for Christmas. Although I have written offers (for buyers) and presented offers early on Christmas Eve. From past experiences I’ve described a holiday market as sluggish, however those looking at homes between Thanksgiving and New Year’s are usually serious about buying.

So with all that said…ultimately, it’s up to the home owner. When is the best time for you? You decide when it’s the right time for you to say good-bye to home sweet home.

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