06 Aug 2007

So You Want to Buy a Pool Home?


Those of us living in Southern California have the luxury of enjoying great weather throughout most of the year. Routinely when working with relocation buyers the subject of a pool home comes up during the process. And while there are differences in owning a pool home in various places in the country there are some things to consider which are fundamental.

Recently I came across this article posted by fellow REALTOR Ashley Drake of Albuquerque  NM. I know Ashley is the top Realtor for Albuquerque, she’s also well written and widely read throughout the internet. I contacted Ashely and she was only too happy to share her information with my readers.pool_uncovered.jpg

Read what Ashley has to say about buying a pool home.

When you’re ready to take a splash and buy a home with a pool, there are             several factors for your consideration.

Utilities – Ask to see a year’s worth of utility bills. Find out what months the previous owners have kept the pool open as well as the average temperature they’ve kept the pool heater set. Your usage may differ and you should take that into account.

Maintenance and repairs – Even if you plan to maintain the pool yourself, factor in the cost of chemicals. If you plan on hiring a pool service, be sure you understand the cost of not only weekly service, but opening and closing the pool each year.

Maintaining the pool – If you plan on maintaining the pool yourself, make sure you understand how much time this will take. If you hire a service, you generally wouldn’t need to be home.

Landscaping – Does the current landscaping have a bearing on keeping the pool clean? Overhanging trees may drop leaves or grass may blow in during mowing.

To read the rest of Ashley’s report click here

  • Thank you Ashely for providing us with the great information.
  • If you find this information helpful, please let me know, I’d love to hear from you.
  • For So Cal real estate help contact me Lynda@PreferredHomeBrokers.com

Thanks Ashely for providing us with the great information.

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6 Responses to So You Want to Buy a Pool Home?
  1. Lynda – Ashley’s article provided critical information for anyone buying a house with a pool – a lot of people don’t realize the extra expenses associated with pool ownership. I can tell you that we built a pool in our Miami home 2 Summers ago and I wish I would have done it sooner. We are enjoying it like crazy!

  2. Good morning Ines,
    Thanks for the positive comment and you are so right about the cost and responsibilities of a pool home. I couldn’t imagine living in such a great place Miami without a pool, nice to hear you’re enjoying yours so much.

  3. Lynda – I wish we had a pool here in Clearwater – with 2 boys it would be great but Jack is someone who takes the checklist seriously and we decided we’ll settle for the beaches and community pools. Ashley is such a knowledgeable real estate agent from Albuquerque – great guest – I need to see about inviting her to Clearwater FL 😛

  4. Lynda – Thanks so much for the link to my blog! I hope your clients in CA find the information as useful as mine in Albuquerque do.

  5. Hi Cyndee,
    Thanks for the visit. You’re right about Ashley’s writing, I love reading her. It’s easy to see why she’s such a great real estate pro in ABQ.

  6. Lynda – There are definately many factors to consider when owning a pool. We have had our own pool for most of the last twenty years and love it. For the homeowner whho is thinking of buying a homw with a pool, they should have it inspected and understand the cost of chemicals, water, and time to maintain it.


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