11 Mar 2009

Southern CA Home Prices ~ Price Per Sq. Ft.

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So Cal Home Pricing a Foot at a Time ~

so-ca-stateHome prices obviously vary widely among cities in Southern CA, even within a city and zip codes.  Many factors enter into the equation in determining value, like condition, improvements, location. etc. etc.


The list below is intended to be an overview of closed sales prices on residential re-sale properties. The figures below are based on the past 12 months ending 1/31/2009.


Cities are located in Orange and Los Angeles Counties:


sqftinprocessOther factors could include:

  • School district and location. ~ A big concern for young families, and you want to be close, yet not too close.
  • Proximity to shopping. ~ Shop till you drop in your own backyard.
  • Freeway access. ~ Again being close is great, but not too close.
  • Single story vs. two story. ~ Single story homes often sell for more per square foot than a 2-level counterpart.
  • Parks and recreation. ~ Recreational opportunities and actives in an area can be a big plus.
  • ADA (Americans with Disabilities) Access. ~ With an aging population, floor plans with a downstairs bedroom are in higher usually more desirable.

–Data source: SoCalMLS & Real Data Strategies, time period  12 month consecutive months ending 1/31/2009.



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