Adios WaMu ~ I Want My Old Banks Back!

So-Cal’s Great Western Saving, Homes Saving and Loan, and American Savings, where are you when we need you? If you’ve lived in So Cal for a while and you’ve been around pre-Washington Mutual days (and I know there are a lot of you) can remember a variety of other banks. The days before these were gobbled up.. read more →

Brea, CA Real Estate Sales Report ~ Home Sales for April 2008

Home sales in Brea have ticked up since mid Jan. 2008. While our activity has picked up prices have not. If you look at my report below, you can compare the number of sales in April 2008 to prior months. Brea single-family real estate sales activity for April 2008, prices range from $350,000 to $2,950,000. 114 re-sale homes.. read more →