Home Prices in Orange County ~ OC By the Square Foot

Orange County Home Pricing for Northern OC Cities After reading a recent community blog I read that someone asked about home pricing based on the per square foot price for a specific city. The writer was surprised that it was so low in comparison to neighboring communities within the same county.  It got me to thinking.. read more →

North Orange County Real Estate Market ~ Who’s Hot and Who’s Not?

As everyone knows, the one-time red-hot Orange County real estate market has cooled it’s heels along with other communities around the U.S. Now that’s not to say all area have cooled equally, either inside or outside of CA. I’m told there are still several places in the county where properties are selling at a more.. read more →

Proud in Placentia | Placentia Real Estate

The City of Placentia, in Southern California is well located in Northern Orange County. Nearby neighbors include Brea to the northwest, Yorba Linda to the northeast, Anaheim to the south and Fullerton to the west. Placentia is a quiet residential community you will love. It all began with a Spanish land grant, in the areas.. read more →