30 Jul 2009

Big Wave Action on Orange County Beaches!

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Beautiful Orange County California recently experienced unbelieveable surf HB waves (Small)conditions in picturesque Newport Beach.

I’ve loved living in So Cal all my life and can’t really remember very many times like this.  On Friday the 24th (one of the biggest wave days) I biked from Huntington Beach to the Wedge at the South End of Newport to see the action myself along with several thousand spectators that day.

Along the way I stopped at the Newport Pier and then again in Balboa.  Sand berms had been constrNewport waves-burm-Ructed nearest the pier  to break the waves.   In some places you could see where huge waves had breached the walls of sand as the waves crashed over. 

It was quite an experience.


 HB wedge people 09


A few days later I headed back to the same spots only this time is was life as usual.

The beach pictured to the left at the Wedge was almost deserted.  Such is life…living in So Cal!

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